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I am often reading one book and listening to another alternately. While I love to sit down and lose myself in reading, I have about 60 minutes + of commuting every day that is perfect for listening to my audio books (road rage can’t get a hold on me while I am immersed in a book 😛 ).

Last Updated: 07 Nov 17

In need of some smut 🙂

Folks wonder what sort of woman I am, that I would sell myself to The Beast
Cursed with a hideous form, the mysterious La Bête never leaves his enchanted castle. No matter: his riches are as endless as the steady stream of women willing to serve him. Those women say his appetites are as monstrous as his visage.
I may be young and innocent, but I am also practical. Five chests of gold for one year of servitude seems fair. Especially when my family is desperate for money. 
When La Bête needs a new woman and offers for one of my father’s daughters, my family accepts his terms. 
I am the willing sacrifice. 
But La Bête is unlike any man I’ve ever known. 
And I am about to learn what it means to love a beast. 
Fausta Borja’s Beauty and the Beast is a steamy gothic romance novel based on the classic fairy tale.

Listening to on Audio

The second book in Sarah Lyons Fleming’s The City Series (check out my review of book 1 here!)

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