Bookish 2017 Reading Challenge

This is a monthly challenge I’ve decided to do. It’s from, so it’s not through a blog or tracked anywhere other than my own. I will update as I make it through each month.

January: Read a book that supports your New Year’s resolution
New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep. To help you achieve your goals, pick up a book that encourages you to succeed. It can be a self-help title or a novel that inspires you. If you don’t have a resolution for 2017, take this month to read a book you wished you read in 2016 but didn’t have time for.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t believe in them, so I decided to choose a book from my 2016 TBR list. I actually did a blog post on this very topic (here). I chose “Heartless” from Marissa Meyer. Read my review here


February: Read a love story
Love is in the air. A romance novel would be a perfect fit for this month, but if you want to get creative with your interpretation of a love story, we’ll accept that as well.

I chose ‘Making Bad Choices’, as contemporary romance as my “Love Story” this month. I’ll probably read more, but this will be the only one I will review on my blog. Click here for the review. 

March: Read a book published the decade you were born
Bonus points if it was published the year you were born.

I read The Handmaid’s Tale this month, but I didn’t do a review. There is no review that I could write that could explain the amazing-ness that is this book. 

The Handmaid's Tale

April: Read a National Book Award winner
The list of National Book Award winners spans everything from Sophie’s Choice to Brown Girl Dreaming. There’s definitely a book here that is also on your TBR list.

May: Read a book about mental health
The month of May is dedicated to raising awareness and spreading education about mental health. Do your part to learn more by picking up a book that touches on this important topic.

June: Read a book set outside of your home country
As summer rolls around, you’re sure to be itching for a trip. Pick a book from your TBR pile that takes you far away from your home country, and immerse yourself in a new place.

July: Read a book about an overlooked figure in history
Whether you reach for a biography or a work of historical fiction, take this month to explore a forgotten historical figure.

August: Read a collection of essays or short stories
We get it. The sun is out, the days are long, and you want to enjoy the last days of summer. Spend August with a collection that allows you to come and go as you please.

September: Read an entire series
We all have them: book series that have been on our shelves for far too long. We suggest aiming to complete a trilogy, but if you want to finally try to read A Song of Ice and Fire from start to almost-finish, more power to you.

October: Read a book that scares you
Maybe you’re intimidated by its page count, maybe you worry you won’t like it as much as everyone else, maybe it’s a genuinely frightening tale. Get in the spirit of the season and read a book that scares you.

November: Read a graphic novel or comic book
A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Use this month explore a story told through both text and images.

December: Read a book about belief
’Tis the season for religious celebrations. Even if you don’t partake yourself, it’s easy to find a book that explores faith and belief. Perhaps you’ll go for a tale inspired by ancient folklore, perhaps you’ll pick up the Bible—the choice is yours.