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The topic this week is….

Bookish Things You’re a Grinch About

I love this topic because I love to complain (hey, at least I’m honest about it). When I was getting my bachelor’s degree we read a study on how people bond more over mutual complaining than positive experiences. Basically, those ranting bitch sessions with your friends and/or SO are bringing you closer together! This is in moderation, obviously. Nobody like a negative Nelly that complains about eeevvvrything. 

Prepare for the petty train to arrive at the station, because it’s about to get nit-picky in here. 

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Adults who are either absent or morons in a YA or NA novel. 

  • Absentee parents
  • Parents who never listen to their kids
  • Parents who are basic idiots in general and refuse to acknowledge what the hero/heroine has shown them multiple times. GET IT TOGETHER. 


Love Triangles. I loathe these. Someone always gets hurt and my second hand-embarrassment and compassion is always bleeding out for the one who doesn’t get “picked”. The one who isn’t chosen always seems to get some consolation prize love interest or is totally fine with “just being friends” all of a sudden. Hogwash


Covers with someone’s face on it. This one is probably weird, but I like being able to picture the characters in my own head and develop how they look by interpretation of the the text and their personality. I don’t mind if it is illustrated, I just don’t like the ones with cover models on them. 


Continued misunderstandings between characters. One or two is fine, but I can’t stand when I’m reading a book and the two characters keep failing to communicate and then by result misunderstand each other’s intentions. JUST TALK IT OUT ALREADY. 


Arrogant protagonists. There is one in particular that I have in mind, but I’m going to dive into my issues with her during next week’s “naughty list” topic. I’m not a fan of characters who fail to listen to their advisers because they always think they know best. I do like, however, seeing the plans foil because of the arrogant protagonist 😈 *heh heh heh*😈, but if the protagonist continues to make the same stupid decisions I’m over it. 

That’s it! Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave your link below so I can check yours out!

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