Top Ten Tuesday (8)

Top Ten Tuesday (8)
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I haven’t done a Top 10 Tuesday in a while, and to be honest I almost skipped this one due to the topic. Mother’s Day used to be a really hard holiday for me, and sometimes still is. I’m going to be real for a minute here and tell you a story. It’s long, you’ve been warned. 

The topic this week is….

There once was a girl who got pregnant when she was only 16 by a man whom she didn’t love. She decided to keep the baby and gave birth to a little girl the winter of her senior year in high school. After high school the teenage mother took to partying with her friends and instead of finding babysitters for her baby she locked the baby in her bedroom closet for 10-12 hours without food or changing diapers. This continued on for about a year before the baby’s paternal grandmother paid the mother a surprise visit and saw the living conditions of the baby. Several days after this confrontation the baby was dropped off at her grandmother’s with a note that the mother would return in a few weeks.

The baby became a little girl and did not see her mother again for years. The little girl, desperate for her mother’s approval, decided to try living with her mother when she was 10, where she was subsequently abused by her mother and mother’s husband. After two years the little girl moved back to her dad’s house. The little girl would spend the next 10 years wondering what it was that made her so unlovable and easy to throw away. It didn’t make sense to the girl why she would feel this way. Her grandmother, who helped to raise her, and her dad were the best. They never mistreated her and loved her more than anything in the world.

But the girl had a mom shaped hole in her heart, and thought she would never fill it….until one beautiful little boy, followed by another less than 2 years later, came along. Over time, that mom-sized hole was almost completely filled with her own motherly love for her children. There will probably always be a tiny pocket of longing and bitterness for a mother that was never meant to be, but the girl finds solace in the fact that her own children will never have to feel the kind of despair or desperation that she felt as a child and into adulthood. 

So this week as part of my freebie I chose the mothers I wish I had. I am including TV/Movies as well. 

The second part is appreciation for awesome grandmother’s/aunts/substitute mothers (excluding dads from this because there will be a dad post in June for Father’s Day).

Moms I wish I had


Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

Image result for gilmore girls lorelai

Lorelai was always so supportive of Rory and loved her unconditionally. I loved how they were always part of a team!


Maura Sargent from The Raven Cycle Series

Image result for Maura Sargent fanart

Image found on Pinterest – Link to image here

Maura trust Blue to make her own decisions, for the most part, and actually reminds me a lot of Lorelai.


Molly Weasley from The Harry Potter Series

Honestly, I think even people who had good moms probably wanted Molly Weasley as their mom sometimes, lol. I love her so much!


Maria from Mordacious and Until the End of the World

Mordacious (The City Series Book 1) by [Fleming, Sarah Lyons] Until the End of the World (Until the End of the World, Book 1)

Maria loves her daughters so much that she sacrificed her own safety and nearly her own life for them. When I see Maria I picture not only the mother I wish I had, but the mother I would like to be. 

Awesome grandmother’s/aunts/substitute mothers



Michelle Benoit, Scarlet’s Grandmother in The Lunar Chronicles


Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles Book 2)

Ya’ll. I ugly cried in this book for Scarlet’s grandmother. My own grandmother (who helped to raise me) had just died before I read this book and I was a damn mess. 


Calla from The Raven Cycle Series

Image result for calla the raven series fan art

Link to image here

I’m including Calla here too, because I just love her. I’ve always wanted a crazy aunt like her! I love this fan art of Calla because I love how it captures Calla’ sassy ass attitude. 


Nan and Pop from An Ember in the Ashes

An Ember in the Ashes

I know we don’t get to know them very well, but we do know they loved Laia very much. The way Laia speaks of Nan reminds me of my own grandmother. 

That’s all I can think of right now. Sorry it’s not a full top 10! 😁

Make sure to leave your link for your top 10 in the comments if you want me to check it out! I look forward to seeing everyone else’s picks this week. Thank you for reading!


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