Top 5 Wednesday (12)

I’m actually doing this post on time! *go me!*

This is actually surprising because my whole life has been consumed by ACOWAR the past couple of days. I’m only about 1/2 way through though, so no spoilers! 😉 

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The topic this week is….



Illuminae and Gemina – I mean, come on. The Hardcover editions are particularly awesome. Read my review of Illuminae here


Wintersong….Admission–I haven’t actually read the book yet! *hangs head* Here’s why though. Once I found out it will have a sequel I wanted to wait. I’ll probably read it closer to the release date of Shadowsong (January 30, 2018)


I actually didn’t like these covers for a while because I thought they were a little bland and overall meh. They’ve grown on me though and I love them now. Maybe I’m biased to the covers because I love the books so much though, lol.



I didn’t love Cruel Beauty (3/5 stars, read my review here) and I haven’t read Crimson Bound yet, but the covers of the series are great!


Six of Crows by [Bardugo, Leigh] Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows by [Bardugo, Leigh]

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. I haven’t had a chance to Insta these books yet (I have a Kaz candle coming in the mail <3 ), but the hardcover versions are pretty awesome. Not only is the cover art bad ass, but the page edges are gilded (or colored? IDK if it’s still gilded if it’s not a gold color?) black and red. I’m just hoping they don’t come off when I’m reading, as I have heard some complaints about that. :/



I wonder how many lists had Sarah J. Maas books on them? #UnpopularOpinion….I love the books but I dislike the whitewashed look of Celeana on the covers of the Throne of Glass Series because I was completely surprised in the book when I read she had blonde hair, and I still picture her with more white hair than blonde because of the covers. I think I would probably love the covers if it wasn’t for this one thing because I thought Empire of Storms in particular was awesome, if not for this one peeve of mine. 

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