It’s Monday, what are you reading? (10)

It’s Monday, what are you reading? (10)
This is a weekly feature hosted over at Book Date.

Hey everyone! I missed last Monday’s post so this one will summarize the last two weeks!


Everything, Everything: Review here (4/5 stars), Contemporary YA
Beauty of the Beast: Review here (5/5 stars), Historical Romance, Retellings
Confess: Review here (4/5 stars) Contemporary Romance
Maybe Someday: Review here (4/5 stars), Contemporary Romance
Maybe Not: did not review, but read review of Maybe Someday to get more info on it (3/5 stars), Contemporary Romance
City in Embers: Review here (5/5 stars), NA, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
The Barrier Between: Review here (5/5 stars),NA, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Across the Divide: Review to come (5/5 stars),NA, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
From Burning Ashes: Review to come (5/5 stars),NA, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Ugly Love: Review to come (4/5 stars), Contemporary Romance
Defy the Stars: Review here (4/5 stars), YA, Sci-Fi, Space Opera
Alex: Review to come (4/5 stars), Contemporary Romance

Gah! I’m so far behind on reviews! I’m going to try on catching up this week instead of reading so much. I hate being behind. I’ll be doing mini-reviews of Across the Divide and From Burning Ashes for two reasons: 1. they are sequels 2. I blew through the series so quickly that they all started to run together. 


Illuminae: I’m listening to this on audio right now and loving it so far. It’s a little confusing sometimes but what an awesome audiobook.
Garrett: I read the first book (Alex) and loved it. It’s contemporary romance. 
Slammed: I’ve been on a Colleen Hoover kick lately, but I’m having a hard time getting into this one. So many people love it though so I’m going to push through. I think it’s because the characters are a little younger than her usual books (18). 


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6 thoughts on “It’s Monday, what are you reading? (10)

  1. Great bunch of books! I enjoyed Defy the Stars. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  2. I can relate to doing lots of reading but not so much writing! it’s so hard to resist the siren call of the next book to actually sit down and write a post.

    I hope you have a great week and get lots of writing and reading done!

  3. Enjoy your books. I’m posting while on my road trip, thanks to my trusty smart phone. It’s Monday! What are your reading?

  4. Lots of 5 star reads. Love Colleen Hoover’s books. Have a great week.

    • Thank you, you too! I was happy with the books I read this week, as a couple weeks ago there were several 2-3 stars reviews. I admit I may be lenient on the 4 stars sometimes, but I only give 5 stars to books that I plan on re-reading (and I am not a re-reader). That’s usually the determining factor for me between a 4-5 stars review. 🙂

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