5 Things on Sunday (7)

5 Things on Sunday (7)

“5 Things on Sunday”

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This week was a hard one for me. Nothing particularly bad happened, but my moods were off and my productivity at both work and home suffered. 



My moods were erratic and all over the place this week. I wrote a tiny bit about my life with Bipolar Disorder here. I may eventually do a whole post on it, if even just for the catharsis of getting it off my chest. 



My attention was also all over place, which made for a frustrating week at work and home. 



As frustrating as some areas of my life were, I made a couple new friends in the blogging and bookstagram community this week. Being painfully introverted coupled with social anxiety can make it hard to make new friends sometimes. I love the online community so much and have found it refreshing to find people who live very different lives than me and live very far away who I can have so much in common with!



My husband is my rock; he remains steady during my mood swings and outbursts. He is patient and kind when I am turbulent and gloomy. In times where I am struggling, he grounds me. Weeks like this remind me of the love I have in my life. 



To say I have a busy week ahead of me at both work and home is an understatement. I put way too much stuff off this past week! Oops, lol. I will still be able to post here though, as blogging and exploring fellow blogger’s sites is a way to relax for me. 

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  1. Capricious. I love this word! 😀 I feel ya with everything else. You are doing great though <3 Keep it up! I'm so glad you have a rock too. Husbands are the best in that way. 🙂 Good luck with this week! Thanks for participating!

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