5 Things on Sunday (5)

“5 Things on Sunday”

hosted by Reads and Treats, this week the topic is…


Time. I know, seems like cheating, but I never have enough time. I especially started feeling this after working full-time with two young kids. I don’t know how these super-hero moms and dads do it. By the time we get home it’s 6:00pm. Then I have to feed the kids, get their homework done, and get some kind of cleaning done. By the time the kids are in bed I have little to no time to do anything else.


Laughs and people around me who keep me laughing, and will laugh with me.


Chocolate. Not sure that I need to elaborate on that one, lol.


Books, whichever ones I want. Yeah, I know. You’re thinking, “Uh, Chanda. There’s this thing called a library…”. I want a lifetime supply of free books that I get to keep to add to my collection on my bookshelf 😀


Patience. My patience is notoriously thin for bullshit.

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One thought on “5 Things on Sunday (5)

  1. Time! Why didn’t I think of that? I don’t think it’s cheating 😉 Parents never have enough time in the day! I do stay at home, but I’m going to school full time. So it’s kind of like I have a full-time job. I put in at least 25-30 hours a week into my classes. (most weeks anyway). Then between my kid’s homework, dinner, dishes, and other cleaning, plus bed-time rituals, I’m so wiped out by the end of the day! As a reader, I have always said I wanted more hours in a day to read. But now, as a parent, I need at least two extra hours to do MY stuff. Hahaha.

    Patience! You said it. There is NEVER enough of that shit. Just now, mine is wearing thin because I’ve said the same thing to my son four times and he’s still doing the same thing I told him to stop. Gotta go….

    Thanks for participating!!!

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