It’s Monday, What are you reading? (2)


This is a weekly feature hosted over at Book Date.

I missed last Monday’s because of the holiday and being out of routine, so this will recap the last 2 weeks.


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I liked ‘Resistance’, but gave it 3/5 tress for some issues I had with the writing style being choppy and directional. Review here.

I really enjoyed ‘Wayfarer’ and gave it 4/5 trees. It’s the second in the series so be sure to not click here for my review unless you’ve read the first one!


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I’m 74% done with ‘Heartless’, which I am listening to via audio. I have just started ‘Regress’. ‘Heartless’ is going to rip my heart from my own chest, I just know it. It’s such a great book, but I’m waiting for the inevitable ugly tears to commence.


So in the last IMWAYR I said I was going to read ‘Labyrinth Lost’, but I never got around to it. Probably won’t be next again either. Next I am going to read the sequel to ‘Regress’, which I won in a giveaway. I am going to listen to ‘The Gender Game’. It was a toss up between that one and ‘Glass Sword’, but I wanted to wait until ‘King’s Cage’ is released to listen to that.

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There you have it! What about you, have you read any of these?

Let me know what you think!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What are you reading? (2)

  1. I liked Passenger, but I wasn’t fully convinced to pick up Wayfarer. Maybe I will wander over to your review and reconsider.

    Have a great week!

    • I enjoyed it, but it was a little different. Etta and Nicholas are separated for most of the novel so the “love story” from the first book is much more subdued in Wayfarer.

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