‘Resistance’ by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Title: Resistance

Author: Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction

Format: eBook ARC via NetGalley. It will be released in two days! Links to purchase below.

Description (Source: NetGalley):

The Announcer calls my name, but she does not speak to me. This macabre spectacle has nothing to do with me. And everything to do with them. This is all for the thousands below – the compliant citizens of Otpor, the witnesses to my Execution, the silent and transfixed. This is their moment. Their reconditioning.

In a future post-apocalyptic Paris, a rebellion threatens to upset the city’s perfectly-structured balance and plunge its citizens into anarchy.

Two generations after the Execution of Kane 148 and Otpor’s return to Orthodoxy, forbidden murals are appearing on crumbling concrete walls – calling citizens to action. Calling for Resistance.

The murals will change the utopian lives of all citizens. But, for Anaiya 234, they will change who she is.

A Peacekeeper of the uncompromising Fire Element, Anaiya free-runs through city’s precincts to enforce the Orthodoxy without hesitation or mercy. Her selection for a high-risk mission gives Otpor the chance it needs to eliminate the Heterodoxy and Anaiya the opportunity she craves to erase a shameful past.

But the mission demands an impossible sacrifice – her identity.

Overall Assessment:
This book took me a while to get into. It wasn’t until probably 25% of the way in that I was interested enough to want to continue. It wasn’t the plot, that is actually really good, but the writing style. I’ll include some quotes below to show what I mean.

Once I got past the writing style, the story completely drew me in. I will probably read the next book when it comes out.



What I liked:
– An interesting concept. Dystopian stories are a dime-a-dozen right now. I’m not complaining, as it’s my favorite genre. However, it is refreshing to see an author taking a different direction. 
–  Likable characters. I loved Seth, Anaiya, and even grumpy Kaide. Seth and Anaiya’s characters have some depth to them, but I hope to learn more of Seth’s back story in the next book. 
–  I loved Anaiya’s inner turmoil as she transitions from fire to air. I think many of us have been in positions where we thought we were doing the right thing based on our beliefs at the time, only to see the situation from a different POV and realize it’s not so black and white. I hope to read about Anaiya’s further development in future books. 

What I didn’t:
– The writing style, as mentioned above, wasn’t really my cup of tea. It felt jumpy and directional.

“It is the opening she anticipated. He stumbles. She leaps.”

“Swiveling mid-air, she lands behind him. Stabs the needle into the bulging vein in his neck.”

–It was a little predictable. I knew who the leader was as soon as he/she (don’t want to spoil it 😉 ) was introduced.

Would I recommend this book to family and/or friends?
Yes, I think so. Despite the slow start, it really is a good book

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